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S. Shaha & CO.

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S. Shaha & CO.

Turnkey Building Construction Solution Provider

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S. Shaha & CO.

Light Gauge
Steel Solution

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S. Shaha & CO.

Solution for
Roof Top

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S. Shaha & CO.

Sturdy PEB Structures

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About Us

One-Stop Shop for Building Construction

With India surging towards growth and embracing technology based solutions, S. Shaha & Co. aims to provide sustainable construction to all sectors. S. Shaha & Co. (SSCO) diversified to providing Turnkey Building Construction Solutions in 2010 and has successfully delivered 950+ Prefabricated, Pre-engineered and Portable buildings in the government and private sectors. .

Our solutions are technology driven, sustainable and cost effective

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Aesthetically Attractive

All different kinds of aesthetically appealing paints are compatible with Nest-in walls, both inside and outside. Attention has been paid on the design and layout of the house, so as to give maximum space and comfort to the consumer.

Single Point Sourcing

We take complete care of procurement, labor, installation and on-time delivery, thereby taking away your worries and making the process hassle free.

Environment Friendly & Easy to Build

Being eco-friendly, Nest In solution is what you need to keep your surrounding green. There is no need of welding or cranes and even usage of water is almost nil. It does not create any constructional debris like traditional cement and brick houses.

Withstands High Wind Speed

Our single slope structure can tolerate wind speed upto 144 krnihr whereas our gable slope (two slope) structure is effective upto 180 km/hr making It efficient in most of the parts of India.

Want to know about latest news in Steel Construction?

Innovation being the buzz-word, we have developed our own range of portable structures that can conveniently used for various purposes like offices, housing quarters, low cost labour housing, classrooms, portable hospital or operation theatre or intensive care unit, community centres, shop counters etc.


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Project Brief

  • 96 m2
  • 3,3 m
  • 3 rooms
  • 2 bath
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Interior Home

  • 100 m2
  • 5,3 m
  • 4 rooms
  • 3 bath
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Interior Home

  • 120 m2
  • 7,3 m
  • 5 rooms
  • 4 bath
Project Image 4

Interior Home

  • 150 m2
  • 7,4 m
  • 6 rooms
  • 6 bath
Upcoming Projects

BSF Project

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Modern Villa

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  • Location: Miami
  • Building area: 196 m2
  • Deadlines: 7 month
  • Price: 900 000 $


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$ 120 /    per m2

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$ 180 /    per m2

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Infrastructure & Utilities

$ 250 /    per m2

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Pre-Engineered Building Solution

A beautiful tomorrow need an Innovating Engineering today